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May 27, 2008

ErotiCamp 4—Sounds of Orgasm Filling the Forest!


ErotiCamp, our two-day Temple of Orgasm showcase, had it’s fourth incarnation in mid-May. Twelve hearty spiritual-sexual adventurers attended the second anniversary celebration of the Temple, which was birthed at ErotiCamp 1 in mid-May, 2006. The celebrative weekend subtly deepened the free-form expression of spirituality and sexuality possible at camp.


To balance out the Temple’s concentrated focus, we added a free/chill space just steps away in the small yurt. This addition was greatly appreciated, allowing celebrants a break from the ‘discipline’ of Temple worship and a place to just hang out. Also, this time we rented a Sybian—named after Sybarite—which we installed in the chill space. This device was well ridden by five of the six women campers, with three taking multiple turns! While the rides themselves were orgasmic Sybarites’ delights, the attendant fuss of cleaning and setting up the machine and orienting a new rider relegated it’s use to be out of the Temple itself. At one point on Saturday, there were four couples in the chill space witnessing one of the woman riders in action, leaving only one couple in the Temple itself! This is the flow and freedom of the Temple and ErotiCamp.


The Temple itself was a bit less of a focus for this set of campers. There were times when only one or two couples were celebrating in the space. Other campers took advantage of the one hundred acres of hiking trails among the redwoods and other trees, turned the kitchen into a dance jam space after hours, and held a small party until four a.m. in the Art Barn, yet another building on site. This really fully utilized the freedom of expression possible at ErotiCamp. Not only do we have the best possible scene for erotic worship, we also provide a wonderful mountain retreat experience and plenty of covered space for the times when folks aren’t up for celebrating in the Temple. Thus people find their own equilibrium between intense erotic celebration and just hanging in nature or socializing. This lets the weekend experience be a self-paced orgasmic marathon, with everyone a winner.


As usual, the gourmet organic meals were well received by hungry campers. We had a couple as the camp caterers, who added their Europian charm to the wonderfully prepared food they provided. We also had a "Chocolate Decadance" birthday cake Saturday night to celebrate the Temple’s second anniversary. This wheat-free cake is more like fudge, and sinfully tasty! Other yummy meals included baked chicken for Friday evening, baked salmon for Saturday evening, along with vegan and vegetarian options for folks of those persuasions.


Several of the couples want to attend the next ErotiCamp, to be held August 15-17 at the same location. We hope to reach full capacity—nine couples—for that event. Please join us!

March 23, 2008

Quasi-Temple Intro/Erotic Event A Smash Hit!


Lucky thirteen was the number of participants on Saturday evening for our first 2008 Quasi-Temple event. We rang in the equinox and the full moon with a hearty potluck and erotic celebration until our appetites were sated!


We call it the Quasi-Temple because we squeeze what normally takes four separate buildings on a couple of acres down into my one-bedroom apartment! Naturally, something is lost in translation, but the essential vibration—shared orgasming—was still present.


After dinner, we talked about ErotiCamp, our two-day retreat on May 16-18. We started with a six-minute video of the most recent ErotiCamp, last fall equinox. Then Paul elaborated on themes such as maintaining the highest energy  in the Temple by removing distractions, the progression of intro/party event to ErotiCamp to Temple membership, and the reasons why we don’t have structured exercises and don’t switch partners. After some questions and answers, we transformed the space into the Temple!


Our erotic celebration started at 7:30 P.M. with five couples and a threesome staying with their partner(s) and building quickly to a crescendo of orgasms. It was wonderful to behold others orgasming while sharing my own and helping with my partner’s. The four couples in the “fireplace” room soon shared an extended common orgasmic moment. The Temple was booming!


A break for most participants around 9:30 P.M. led to the dinner buffet room. One couple would enter, another five minutes later, a chaotic flow. We quietly whispered and talked while taking in more of the delicious food that everyone had brought. Paul made his now-famous ginger biscuits, which were gone by the end of the event. After a food and bathroom break, couples would wander back into the Temple refreshed for more ecstatic play.


All the participants seemed completely engrossed in their intense celebration. This filled the Temple with thrumming energy. One woman said that this was the most “out there” she had ever gotten! Another pair of crescendos passed through the Temple. Then, pretty much by common agreement, we were complete an hour before midnight. We shifted the space once again. Local folks took their leave, while the threesome booked a room at the Hotel Mac, one block away. Two out-of-area couples spent the night. Three of the people in those two couples are from Santa Cruz and all four are now very interested in each other! I wonder what will develop…

March 9, 2008

Temple of Orgasm’s First-ever Temple–Lite Event


Wow! Last night was the Temple of Orgasm’s first singles-friendly event, and it was a huge success! We at the Temple have long struggled to find a way to include the large population of single people. The issue arises because Temple celebrants need to have already existing orgasmic partners—whom we call orgasmates—who can enter the Temple with them and quickly ascend to high levels of bliss. Single people, by definition, do not have such partners. What to do?


Several weeks ago, we came up with the “Temple of Orgasm–Lite” format for including singles. Temple–Lite removes explicit sexual activity and adds mixing, talking, dancing, and flirting. Such “getting-to-know-you” activities, avoided in the full Temple, are actually featured in Temple–Lite. The main theme of the Temple—orgasming—remains the same. But here it is more muted, clothed, energy-oriented and non-partner-specific than in the full-on Temple. Hopefully, from an environment of Temple-minded singles, some couples ready to enter the Temple will develop.


The evening started with a potluck dinner, featuring many sushi dishes, salads, and bread as well as home-made ginger biscuits and hot mulled cider. The seating arrangement of a half-dozen two-person couches fostered immediate pairing up during the meal. People mostly arrived by the time the Temple presentation began. Eighteen people attended, ranging in age from 36 to 70. Gender balance was planned at ten and ten, and nearly achieved with ten men and eight women actually showing up.


The presentation started with a six-minute video about the Temple, ErotiCamp—our week-end Temple camps—and the camp location in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Paul, the Temple founder, then elaborated on several of the themes, such as removing distractions from the Temple, the progression of Temple events culminating in full membership, and the origins of the Temple. This was followed by questions and answers. The next ErotiCamp is May 16–18, 2008.


As we expected that most of these singles wouldn’t know each other, we had prepared a half-dozen ice breakers to get people mixing and mingling. This section was to start with dancing, and the music began. However, in true Temple spirit, these hearty adventurers took the initiative, knowing that they were there to meet and mix. Immediately after the Temple presentation, every available couch was occupied by newly-met couples who were quickly getting to know each other without any guidance. In the beginning, people were “speed-dating” by moving to new partners after ten or fifteen minutes.


The rest of the evening was wonderful as people got more comfortable with each other and the whole scene. Indeed, high energy levels were raised with hot energy orgasms filling the room. Genitals were safely shielded behind clothing, but the intense heat of sex pervaded the space. People quickly discovered that the couches became mattresses, and the initially vertical party became horizontal. As there was no genital sex, there was no need for safe sex conversations. Also, these veterans of HAI and other consciousness-raising disciplines knew to negotiate boundaries respectfully.


The evening closed before midnight with a circle. Paul said, “Tonight we shared Temple–Lite. Imagine this with complete Eros for a whole weekend—that’s the full-on Temple of Orgasm!”

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