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Making the Temple into a Church

I intend to make the Temple of Orgasm into a bone fide Church! I recently realized that church-making is a basic United-Statian principle, and that the origins of this wonderful free country were in freely establishing houses of worship. My ultimate goal is to establish the Temple as a free and legal church.

As such, I am applying for tax-exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code and a similar state exemption. In the meantime, I am running it as a sole proprietorship. Other possible entities include a trust, a limited-liability company, and a for-profit corporation.

I am enthusiastically open to whoever sincerely wishes to forward the development of the Temple. This awesome vision will need many, many people at all levels to contribute their love, energy and devotion for its full realization.

Please contact me with any genuine offers of support. I am also quite open to Non-Violent Communication (NVC) of any negative emotions the Temple may occasion in you. Outright hostility and flames will be ignored.

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