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Temple Maxims—Our Fundamental Principles

Orgasm is a vibration which resonates with the divine and love. Orgasm's glow is radiant. Orgasm is universal.

Coummunal witnessing of our highest states let's us know we are seen as divine. Orgasm juices our creativity. Orgasming is the magic "Fountain of Youth" which keeps its celebrants young, happy, and active.

The Temple and its community are a model, planting a seed of hopeful possiblity in the populus' mind. The Temple requires preparation to enter. We need to be responsible approaching and being in the Temple.

The Temple cultivates pleasure and bliss and eliminating violence. The Temple promotes alchemical tranformation through the marriage of love and lust. The Temple is deliberately simple, even simplictic, to avoid interpretation, revision and internal politics.

Vibration  Orgasm is a vibration, as shown by its rhythmic contractions. The Temple of Orgasm is a sacred sexual space which sustains such ecstatic erotic vibrations, like a gong sustains a tone. The Temple maintains an orgasmic atmosphere all of the time; it is a charged space filled with delightful erotic energy. The space is charged by the celebrants’ gifts of communally witnessed orgasms, past and present.


Resonance  Any time of day or night, people entering the Temple are immediately immersed in a sea of orgasmic energy. They will naturally be brought into as much resonance with the orgasmic vibrations as they allow themselves to be. The ecstatic vibrations draw people who enter the Temple into an orgasmic trance. The Temple easily overwhelms our pettiness, and if we allow it, resonate with it, it will tune us into our highest ecstatic states. By our resonating with the Temple's vibration, we resonate with each other, amplifying everyone while overcoming our usual illusion of isolation and separation.


Divinity and Love  The Temple of Orgasm encourages communing with the gods. We connect with divinity via sustained ecstatic vibrations in the Temple. We literally vibrate like gods and so become gods. In the Temple, we are immersed in this vibration, which helps us remember to resonate with the gods. This state is one of the very highest that people can enter. When one is orgasmic, there can be no anger, no hatred, no fear. Only love remains—of self, partners, congregation, village, and out to humanity and the world.


Radiance  The Temple of Orgasm contains an altar with a crystal which is the focus of the participants’ conscious concentration of excess ecstatic energy. People project their overflowing erotic energy into the crystal. The crystal is an antenna, re-radiating that energy out into the world. The Temple is the home of Radio Free Orgasm, broadcasting orgasmic waves throughout the world. “Tune in to Radio Free Orgasm!”


Universality The Temple of Orgasm is ultimately universal in its membership. As long as one is giving one’s gift of orgasm, rather than taking something, ultimately anyone is welcome—monogamous couples, polyamorous networks, group marriages, et al. Also, no particular brand or flavor of ecstatic erotic practice is presumed. Tantra, Quadoshka, Sex Magick, Taoist, or home-grown—all are welcome. The only requirement is ability and willingness to orgasm while in the Temple.

Witness  The Temple of Orgasm is a sacred erotic space in which to be seen giving one’s gift of orgasm—to oneself, the congregation, the Temple altar, and ultimately the world. J. G. Bennett remarked that sexual action requires not two, but three, participants or roles: the masculine or initiative, the feminine or receptive, and the neutral witness. The Temple of Orgasm provides witnessing of an otherwise only-two-thirds-complete erotic act.


Creativity  The Temple of Orgasm enhances and celebrates creativity. The Universe was born of orgasm in the Big Bang. Even Jesus was born of immaculate orgasm. The birth process itself is a prolonged orgasm. People are most creative when orgasmic. Whether for brilliant ideas or beautiful art, thinkers and artists alike benefit from the clarity of orgasm. The Temple immerses people in their primal creativity. Temple worship is unstructured, so creativity is fostered even in the act of worshipping.


Fountain of Youth, Anti-aging

Model  The Temple of Orgasm is a model for one of the highest forms of sacred expression. The Village of the Temple of Orgasm is a model for a sacred community. People are designed for exquisite pleasure. If they are shown the possibility, most will naturally choose pleasure. The Temple shows the possibility of continuous ecstatic orgasms. As models, the Temple and Village can be exhibited in a variety of ways: books, articles, videos, off- and on-site workshops, internships.


Preparation  Celebrants joyfully prepare themselves for ecstastic communion, so that upon entering the Temple of Orgasm, they immediately enter into an orgasmic trance, rising up to the energy level of the Temple, and not bringing the Temple’s energy down to a lower energy level. Provide for your own orgasmic needs, by bringing your already proven erotic partner or practice. The Temple is process-free, so take care of your spiritual, mental and physical health before coming to it. Be prepared to give your orgasms… generously!


Responsibility   In the Temple, we are all responsible for maintaining the highest degree of decorum and civility. This is a sacred space which is tender and delicate. To keep the highest vibration going in the Temple, we ask all celebrants to first monitor themselves and second to stay tuned to the group energy. In such a powerful space, you may re-experience previous events or have new sensations that cause you to drop in vibration. If you are actually in distress, we have a several spaces set aside for your remediation and recovery. Also, most of the celebrants are long-time healers and energy workers, and most are available for and adept at coaching and counselling as well. Responsibilty also includes boundary maintenance and gentle negotiations. This comes under civility —ask permission! respect the answer! don't pester!

Cultivating Pleasure, Ending Violence  Pleasure and violence are mutually inhibitory, proven by Dr. James Prescott. Some humans possess an organ dedicated entirely and only to pleasure—the clitoris!  Pursuit of Pleasure is our fourth inalienable right. Worship in the Temple of Orgasm is “Taking care of Pleasure” to bring world peace and divine connection!

Alchemical Marriage of Love and Lust

Simplicity; Simplisticity—no revisionism possible

[max·im (mak'·sim) n. A succinct formulation of some fundamental principle or rule of conduct.]

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