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Mission Statement

“Imagine being immersed in a sea of orgasmic energy!” This mind-boggling possibility is the purpose of the Temple of Orgasm. The Temple is a special, sacred space where we can be our most vulnerable and our most ecstatic at the same time! Orgasm engenders orgasm, and as a place to share orgasms communally, the Temple enables everyone to move into their most ecstatic states.


Simple Sustainable Pleasures Humanity needs to rediscover the joys of simple, life-supporting pleasures. We need to stop the barrage of inputs to some of our senses—vision, hearing and eating— and reverse the numbing of another major sense—the body. Simple, healthy and healing, orgasm is nature's gentle, pleasurable way of bringing us to our highest performance and best health. "An orgasm a day keeps the doctor away!"


Our Creed

“Taking care of Pleasure!”

Quotable Quotes

“The Temple of Orgasm is consecrated to cultivating pleasure and so ending violence!

“Worship in the Temple of Orgasm is ‘Taking care of Pleasure’  to bring world peace and divine connection!”



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