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Previous ErotiCampers Share Their Experiences

"I had an amazing time in the Temple of Orgasm at ErotiCamp. As a woman, I initially felt some apprehension at the prospect of being openly sexual in the midst of a group of strangers. But before the first evening was over, this had quickly changed to feelings of love and respect for all the celebrants.

My lover and I deepened our relationship—so much intense love energy shared so freely and generously makes it easy to love more. Beyond that, while I was not expecting to connect deeply and intimately with the other campers, I ended up coming away with many new friends.

Deeper with my sweetie and new friends aside, though, the most wonderful thing for me was to be in the presence of so many ecstatically, proudly, enthusias-
tically, and loudly orgasmic women
for a whole weekend! I am a very happy Camper."
—Carrie, ErotiCamp 5, Aug, '08

"Enveloped in the ecstatic field of orgasmic energy for a weekend brought me to a sense of wonder and ease with myself and my sensuality. That experience has become a touchstone for slipping into erotic moments as I move through my life."
—Alicia F., ErotiCamp 2, June, '07
"I am still feeling the thrill of joy, the excitement, the beauty inside me, having experienced the most wonderfully magical weekend of my life! I am, even a month later, and to this very day still sharing precious memories with my Beloveds. I'm still picturing in my mind each precious, yummy moment shared together. I am celebrating and in awe with all the happiness my heart is still holding. I am filled with inner smiles, even giggles!!!!

I will ever be grateful for having said 'yes' to the experience. I loved the only agenda— loving—and being in a beautifully decorated temple with other lover's loving their Beloveds. What can be more thrilling than the ecstatic music of lover's experiencing orgasms together all weekend long? It was a timeless moment that was out of this world as we know it, truly divine.

I loved the feeling of separateness in our own little love nest as well as the times of sharing together with other participants outside the Temple for meals, hot tubing and sharing collective moments in the chill-out space. It felt like we were all one big heartbeat with each other. And the beauty of nature all around, the full moon looking down on us with a smile.

Gosh, I could go on and on. All my initial fears and worries before coming of how crazy this all sounded at first, even scary, gave way to such delight. Nothing felt uncomfortable at any moment. My only complaint is that it wasn't for a whole week long!!!

WOW, and a big thank you to to the man who envisioned such a dream and has made it a reality. Paul, what a big creative, loving heart you have. I am so glad to have been able to experience this wonderful weekend and getting to know you also, more and more."
—Diana, ErotiCamp 5, August, '08

"I just love this way of being with people and of expressing my sexuality. It's juicy, heart-opening, spiritual, exciting, and fun! Opening up to others this way creates a special bond. I think the Temple of Orgasm brings out the best in people. I feel opened up and energized by it —and safer in the world somehow, after spending all that time sharing sexuality and love."
—Lexina, ErotiCamp 1, May, '06

"These celebrations are getting more and more delightful! What could be more delicious than spending a weekend in the redwoods with a lover, making love for hours in an inspiring temple full of art and flowers, surrounded by other ecstatic couples and threesomes? One thing that makes it so great, I realized this time, is that the couples and groupings who come to such an event really like each other! So the atmosphere is full of love and joy."
—Lexina, ErotiCamp 5, August, '08

"I want to express my deep appreciation and gratitude for the Temple of Orgasm.

The Temple of Orgasm provided a wonderful opportunity for me and my orgasmate to safely express and explore our deepening love. I think we achieved a new level of intimacy and a real deepening of our orgasmic potential as a result of being at the Temple.

I really loved the fact that the Temple was so warm, friendly, and inviting. Both the space and the people who attended this session of the Temple were magical. The chill room was wonderful; the group meals provide a way to connect to other couples. The hot tubs and sleeping quarters were top notch! The grounds provided a real spiritual grounding for a wonderful orgasmic experience!

I wholeheartedly recommend the Temple of Orgasm to anyone who is interested in building community, deepening their connection to their sweeties and a wonderful place to orgasm with like minded souls."
—Michael, ErotiCamp 5, August, '08

"I'm not an exhibitionist, I'm not even very orgasmic, so why the heck did I go to Temple of Orgasm? Because I wanted to spend quality time with my partner in nature, where there was full choice about what to do, when, with incredibly delicious organic meals prepared, AND a chance to be with him among others sharing Very Juicy Loving. By being in the temple space, I felt as if I was being 'dipped' in a warm, soothing pool of joy and sensuous celebration.

The boundaries among us all were very clean yet not rigid: Deep conversations among some of us; others exchanged massages. [... outside of the Temple. –Paul] I believe all of us—from the most orgasmic to me—went home fuller, more expanded, more self-loving, and more connected to their partners. An incredible gift to give yourself if you're looking for a very reasonably cost get-away with a partner, that is nourishing of body and soul, and allowing for a wonderful blend of autonomy mixed with community."
—Sarah H., ErotiCamp 5, August, '08

"I dream of a community whose purpose is creating and sustaining ecstatic erotic energy and sending it to the rest of Humanity."
—Paul Glassco, Temple of Orgasm Founder

ErotiCampers At Camp

Alicia and Paul eyegazing (Photo by R.) Teri and M eyegazing
These campers are from ErotiCamp3, September 21-23, 2007.

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