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Inside The Temple Of Orgasm

Main Altar Main Altar and Surroundings
Snake Sarong area Elephant Wall Hanging area
Flags Over Prayer Mattress Flower Sarong area
Personal Altar Another Personal Altar
Slut Altar
These pictures are from inside the third instance of Temple of Orgasm, at ErotiCamp3. Photos by Alicia.

These pictures are from inside the first instance of the Temple of Orgasm, at ErotiCamp1, May 19-21, 2006.

Camp Double Bear Facilities

Temple of Orgasm Yurt In The Trees Kitchen Yurt In The Trees
Outside Dining Area Inside Dining Area
Two Double Beds in the Upper Sleeping Yurt Sleeping Loft
Bath House and Lower Sleeping Yurt Bath House
Hot Tub
Photos by Alicia.
Kitchen Hidden in the Woods Fire Ring and Hot Tub

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