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Temple of Orgasm—Theme and Variations




The Temple of Orgasm is, first and foremost, an orgasmic environment in which to experience oneself, one’s partners and fellow celebrants in our highest ecstatic erotic energies. The Temple is an idea, a meme, which takes corporeal form in various ways. These variations elaborate the theme of orgasmic celebration with more or less refinement.


The Temple of Orgasm—The Highest Vision


The unmodified phrase “Temple of Orgasm” describes the perfection of the Temple’s possible forms. This form is permanent and so is available and being celebrated in twenty-four hours per day, every day of the year. It is like the Complete Temple (next section), with the added benefit of being available all the time. It is also called the Permanent Temple or the Continuous Temple or the Full Temple.


Celebrant partners are screened through the previous Temple stages and are highly trusted. Celebrants are given secured access to the Temple, any time of day or night. As self-starters and orgasmates—already pre-existing orgasmic partners—they are expected to slip right in to the Temple’s orgasmic vibrations and to add their bliss to its radiance.


This Temple stage has yet to be realized. We are waiting for significant numbers of celebrants before embarking on the long-term housing of the Temple. We await that moment eagerly, as we have a fair amount of capital already available.


The Complete Temple


“Complete Temple of Orgasm” describes the lowest stage to be fully worthy of the name of the Temple of Orgasm. It is the basic uncompromised, if brief, realization of the Temple dream. It is the Quasi–Temple (next section), with the additional benefit of acoustically isolating basic human functions—in particular the Temple itself. This separation allows us to remove distractions and thereby concentrate extremely high energies in the Complete Temple.


It is less than the Permanent Temple because it is periodic, interrupted, discontinuous. However, the Complete Temple is the highest form presently available because at present there is no Permanent Temple. Right now, we hold weekend camps a few times a year at which we establish the Complete Temple. There for two days we are able to experience fully what it’s like to be in the Temple of Orgasm, any time of day or night, and feel the juicy vibrations that it holds. Camp buildings are spread out over a couple of acres, and building isolation keeps the Temple energy uncontaminated and peaking.


Celebrant partners either come from previous forms of the Temple or from applying directly. As self-starters and already orgasmates, they are expected to slip right in to the Complete Temple’s orgasmic vibrations and to add their bliss to its radiance. In the camps we can witness each other and determine the level of match between celebrant and the Permanent Temple, a relationship requiring a very high level of trust. Celebrants are not merely enjoying an ecstatic weekend, they are potentially moving up the ladder to membership in the Permanent Temple.


This Temple stage has been realized seven times—at ErotiCamps 1 through 7. Several dozen celebrants have had the extraordinary experience of being in the Complete Temple. This was the original form in which the Temple of Orgasm appeared in 2006.


We will have more and more weekend, week-long and longer Complete Temples as our congregation grows. Growing our constituency has lead us to an outreach program or  ministry, to bring people into the Temple experience. This has led to the creation of two more forms of the Temple, which are further from the ideal but are still pointed in the same direction.


The Quasi–Temple


 “Quasi–Temple of Orgasm” describes a form created from the Complete Temple by removing a major quality that makes it incomplete. The major quality that is lacking is the separation of basic human functions into dedicated spaces in sound-isolated buildings. Instead, we make due with dividing up a house, with much less accoustic isolation. The Quasi–Temple is the form we have for erotic evening events.


The Quasi–Temple is less than the Complete Temple because it lacks the isolation of basic human functions. Thus, the Temple’s sanctity is somewhat compromised by not having a dedicated, accoustically separated place. In a sense, this form is an economic consideration, attempting to stage the Temple in a house for an evening.


Celebrant partners come by applying directly or from the Temple of Orgasm–Lite. During the erotic portion of the evening, these self-starters and orgasmates are expected to slip right in to the Temple’s orgasmic vibrations and to add their bliss to its radiance. During the evening events, we can witness each other and determine the level of match between celebrants and the Complete Temple at camp, a relationship requiring a high level of trust. Celebrants are not just going to an erotic party which has no follow on. They are potentially moving up the ladder to enter the Complete Temple at ErotiCamp.


This form of the Temple has occurred ten times since 2007. Several dozen folks have experienced this extraordinary space.


The Temple of Orgasm–Lite


“Temple of Orgasm–Lite” describes a form of the Temple that is less restricted. In a new direction in 2010, we are offering Temple–Lite concurrently with one of the above Temple formats! It is especially designed for singles, as well as more cautious couples, to have a taste of the Temple without some of the rigors. For singles, the usual Temple protocol of requiring a pre-existing orgasmate is relaxed. For all, the usual Temple protocol of removing the distractions of talking and massaging is relaxed.

Truly adventurous singles who meet and pair up can enter the Temple–Lite to test drive their brand-new relationship and see if they are orgasmates. If they find they really are ready, willing and able to orgasm, they can move into the Complete Temple. If not, no harm to anyone, and the Complete Temple remains undisturbed by their experimentation.

The Temple–Lite is less than the Quasi–Temple because it relaxes part of the Temple protocol. Behavior can range from that in the Complete Temple to more relaxed, still with an emphasis on orgasmic play: flirting, kissing, and erotic, orgasmic energy exchanges while fully clothed—or not! After all, the main purpose for the Temple–Lite is to get people ready for the Complete Temple. Attendees are not just going to a mixer. They are potentially finding a partner with whom to enter the higher Temple forms.


Temple–Lite mode runs the full range from vertical to horizontal. Behaviors are sexy and/or overtly sexual. (Remember, there is a chill space for just schmoozing.) Whether just R-rated or full-on X-rated, it still relies on self-starters and advanced practitioners of orgasmic energy work.


This brand new form of the Temple will debut at the June 25, 2010, introductory evening event.




All forms of the Temple are for advanced celebrants who are comfortable with the concepts of open eroticism and orgasmic focus and expression. Furthermore, celebrants must be self-starters and, except for Temple–Lite, prepared to stay with their orgasmates.


No form of the Temple is suitable for people to whom open eroticism, energy orgasms and extended sexuality are foreign. The Temple is not a teaching or learning institution. There is no dogma or rituals to learn or perform.


We want you to rise to the vibration of the Temple, not lower the Temple to a lesser vibration.

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