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The following terms and phrases are introduced into the vocabulary of the Temple of Orgasm.

Temple Of Orgasm A sacred space consecrated to ecstatic orgasmic trance states.
Village of the Temple of Orgasm The community surrounding, nurturing and being nurtured by the Temple.
ErotiCamp A weekend playshop which showcases the Temple.
Sex Your Prayers! Connect to spirit via orgasm—A play on words of a popular spirit-through-dance experience.
Taking care of pleasure Our creed!
The Field of Love, Lust and Healing The energy field generated inside the Temple.
Alchemical Marriage of Love and Lust What happens inside the Temple.
Mutually pleasurable, sovereign encounters True adult interactions.
The erotic flame is always alive in the Temple of Orgasm. A saying.
What is your pleasure tolerance? How much pleasure can you stand? Minutes? Hours? Days??
What is your pleasure quotient (P.Q.)? Like the above, mind-boggling, body-charging
Pleasure beyond measure Beyond measure means infitinite, and so touching the Divine
Orgasmic Trance An ongoing experience of orgasmic bliss.
Orgasmate A person with whom you already have an orgasmic connection.

These are all trademarked 2005-2007 by Paul Glassco and Glassco Productions. Of course, we defer in the event of prior trademark.

These phrases are protected so that the Temple will never be deprived of their usage. Until such time as the Temple becomes a tax-exempt entity, I am protecting them under my own name.

The flower vagina image in the top-left corner was copied from www.YoniEndeavor.com, a now-defunct web site.


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