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Your Path To The Temple of Orgasm


People will find a many paths to the Temple of Orgasm in it’s various forms.


A very few will be able to walk into the (Permanent) Temple of Orgasm on day one. A very few will enter the Temple by special invitation.


Many folks will come to an ErotiCamp to experience the Complete Temple of Orgasm. From there, by mutual agreement, they can help build and enter into the (Permanent) Temple of Orgasm. For most people, ErotiCamp is a pre-requisite for entering the full Temple.


Many folks will come to an Introduction and Erotic Party and experience the Quasi-Temple of Orgasm. From there, by mutual agreement, they can come to ErotiCamp and the Complete Temple of Orgasm. For folks we’ve never met, the Quasi-Temple is a pre-requisite for attending ErotiCamp and entering the Complete Temple.


Many singles will come to an Introductory and Energy Party and experience the Temple of Orgasm—Lite. Hopefully, they will be excited by the Temple of Orgasm concept and find an aligned partner right there in the Temple—Lite event. Having a partner—an orgasmate— is a pre-requisite for attending an erotic form of the Temple.


So How Does This Actually Work?


At the bottom rung, a single person comes to an Intro/Energy party. She first shares a potluck dinner and hears a short discussion about ErotiCamp. Then the focus shifts to play: massaging or kissing, exchanging energy orgasms—with clothes on or not. Hopefully, our single person finds a suitable partner to become orgasmic with before the next event. This is a mostly vertical party.


Next, our newly-formed couple, plus other existing couples/moresomes, come to an Intro/Erotic party. They first share a potluck dinner and hear a short discussion about ErotiCamp. Then existing partners—orgasmates—perform their orgasmic magic between themselves. This is a mostly horizontal party.


Now Intro/Erotic Party veterans plus others screened via extensive interviews come to an ErotiCamp. The Complete Temple is available to all, all day and all night. Orgasmates revel in the resonance that builds.


When we achieve critical mass, we will create and enter the Permanent Temple.


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